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Genuine Panasonic CS-E12EKU Replacement Remote Control

Current Inventory and Ordering Information:

Sat Jun 23 2018 01:26:01 EDT
6 pieces Currently In Stock.

OUR PRICE - $ 29.99
Include 2 AAA batteries
for each remote? (+$ 1.50)

Factory Replacement Remote Control
For Panasonic Air Conditioner
Model CS-E12EKU
** Compatibility Verified **

  • Identical to the item pictured on this page.
  • This Panasonic Remote Control may also be identified by: CWA75C2913, A75C2913

** Compatibility Verified for
Panasonic CS-E12EKU ONLY!

Please make sure your model number is an exact match.

We will verify the correct application for factory original replacement remotes. This verification is for Panasonic CS-E12EKU only and does not extend to model numbers other than Panasonic CS-E12EKU or any other secondary functions such as pairing, programming or learning, etc.
CS-E12EKU will be included with your order information when you place this item in your shopping cart.