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Genuine Sharp HT-SB500 Replacement Remote Control

Current Inventory and Ordering Information:

Thu Apr 26 2018 07:43:01 EDT
This item is not available from our store.

Factory Replacement Remote Control
For Sharp Home Theater
Model HT-SB500
** Compatibility Verified **

  • Identical to the item pictured on this page.
  • This Sharp Remote Control may also be identified by: RRMCGA200AWSA

** Compatibility Verified for
Sharp HT-SB500 ONLY!

Please make sure your model number is an exact match.
Audio and home entertainment system model numbers are usually found on the label of the component that plugs into the AC wall socket.

We will verify the correct application for factory original replacement remotes. This verification is for Sharp HT-SB500 only and does not extend to model numbers other than Sharp HT-SB500 or any other secondary functions such as pairing, programming or learning, etc.
HT-SB500 will be included with your order information when you place this item in your shopping cart.